White Christmas Elephant

Last night we had our HS Christmas Party.  While the place didn’t have a very Christmas-y feel to it (Journey needs to invest in some holiday decorations) it was a pretty fun night.  Here are some of the highlights:
  • Emily Dye brought me cookies.  And not just one kind of cookie, but a variety of cookies.  There was the staple chocolate chip, and these pumpkin bar things, and chocolate cover pretzels and these others things.  Awesome!  
  • I forgot to wrap my present (Karate Kid DVD) so I found a copy sheets of wide-ruled paper, a plastic grocery bag and clear duct tape.  In just 5 minutes I went MacGyver on that gift.  Unfortunately for the tiniest gal in our group she could rip the gift open.  Also unfortunate for her, I stole the DVD the first chance possible.  Unfortunate for me, it was stole from me, and “locked”, by the second to last person.
  • One student kept to the $5 limit by buying a Subway $5 cold cut trio footlong sandwich.  This made me laugh the most.
  • At the end of the Christmas gift giving and stealing Travis Rogers gave out random gifts (back scratches, dish soap, a bird house, trash bags, etc.) to students and urged them them to “be a blessing” to someone in their community with these gifts.   At our first gathering of the new year we are going to have the students share how they blessed someone else.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes.

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