Prop 8 Thoughts?

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Clearly the church has been unable to communicate it's stance on homosexuality with conviction and grace.  Possibly because so many in the church are unsure of the answers themselves.  And with some in society calling this the Civil Rights issue of our times we are surely going to be seeing tension between the two current sides of the issue for a while.  
My small group recent shared some of struggles and frustrations with this issue.  What should we accept?  Where does the Bible draw the line?  Who does marriage belong to, the church or the state?  To what degree do we believe in separation of church and state?  How does the church guide the culture in regards to the issue, and not allow the culture to direct the church as it has so often done in the past?  And a dozen other questions and senarios.
We concluded the evening by agree that we as individuals were not the solution in and of it ourselves.  And without having engaged someone who is struggling with their homosexuality in the culture and church, we were outside the issue. 
Instead we prayed for wisdom and opportunities to know and interact with a gay, lesbian, transgender, etc, and to demonstrate first everyday grace.  Maybe our everyday grace can lead to discussion about His uncommon grace.
We were confident in one thing as an absolute; that the love of Christ working the through the Spirit within us can resolve the tension and turmoil that has seperated the homosexual community from the Church, so that grace can be demonstrated and God glorified.  
God cares and God can...

How about you?  Any quick thoughts?

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TS Harrison said...

Here are some interesting thoughts on the Prop 8/Homosexual Issue. It's a post by Ben Witherington III.