I thought I'd share something that has been on my mind since Thursday.
Where I work, there is this young dual military couple, Charles and Isis, with two children. Recently Charles was sent to Korea for a brief assignment leaving his wife Isis here to manage the home front. While in Korea, for reasons uncertain as of Thursday, Charles blacked out and fell. As he fell he hit his head on something and may have broken his neck. The details were still unclear Thursday as Isis was busy trying to get to Houston to get a passport so she could fly out on Friday morning to be with her husband.
I have been praying for them since she came into the Center, eyes red and tired from having cried more tears than she probably felt were helpful, asking God to be their healer and comforter. If he has broken his neck the circumstances of their life are going to be dramatically altered, and without a bigger-than-this-world God I don't know how one could endure.
I am however, really proud of how the military community has responded and provided for her. Everything from actually having another soldier drive her back and forth from Houston to the quick communication from Korea. It's love displayed outside the context of the church that gives me hope for an even greater vision of what the Church could/should become and sometimes is.

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PETE Di LALLO said...

I've got some Hail Mary's going for both of them...