My Neighbors

Joe and Lisa are back.  I saw their huge 5th wheel trailor in the parking lot of our apartment complex tonight.  Joe and Lisa are awesome.  Joe is retired military and now the two of them use their apartment as a home base for the annual travels around America.  For anyone who loves to travel, Joe and Lisa are your type of heroes.
A little over a week ago I got an e-mail from Lisa.  It was really out of the blue.  But because I found it really cool and a great encouragement I asked her if I could share it here.  Here is our e-mail conversation.

Hi Trevor,
Lisa Culfa here - in case you didn't gather that from my encrypted email adress.
I'm ashamed to admit that I finally got around to checking out your blog this evening for the first time (my head is truly hanging in shame).  Anyway, I simply had to write you a short note and tell you how GREAT it is!  It is really great - but I guess I just said that.  It was hilarious (the story of the white elephant gift exchange - and especially the subway sub) and touching (the story about the military family with the injured husband).  I probably could have (or at least should have) guessed that it would be a really good representation of you.  You seem to be equal parts sensitive (in the best way) and funny.  I enjoyed seeing what's on your book list and what your favorites are - gives me more ideas for future reading.  As for your music playlist I've got to get out more or at least turn on the radio more often.  I scarcely recognized even half of the artists.  I better quit just constantly going back to my favorites (mostly country and jazz) and expand my musical palette (I hope that's the correct palette I'm using and not palate).  Anyway, I'll keep checking in and enjoying you and write a bit more often when I do - it's kinda sad not to see any comments posted to your good stuff.  We're all just scared our comments will pale in comparison to yours.
Joe and I are currently in Tucson AZ at the Family Campground on Davis Monthan AFB.  We love this location - to visit only, not to live.  We'll be back home on December 30th and look forward to seeing you and Chris again.  Hope all is well there at Chelsea Place and that you're enjoying the Christmas season to the fullest.
Oh, and by the way - not to worry about the being single thing like Kate Hudson.  You'll meet your perfect person when you least expect it - that's always the way it works.  Besides, anyone would be truly blessed to have you in their life - can't imagine ever being able to say the same about Kate or Matthew :).
Take good care, keep up the blogging and tell Chris and Phillip Hi for us!
Lisa and Joe Culfa (#630)
Hey Lisa
Thank you for your message.  It was incredibly encouraging, you may never know.  I almost posted it on the blog but thought I should probably ask you first if that was okay.
Be safe in your travels, I hope that someday will come along where I can experience a similar season in life like yours.  
Have a Merry Christmas.
Hi Trevor,
It was really great to hear back from you!  You may certainly post my email message to you on your blog if you'd like. Again, it hardly seems like anything at all to me after reading your stuff.
You hold a unique greatness within Trevor.  You know the power of thoughts and words - let them be the magnets they are and attract all the things your heart desires and make them manifest in your life.
Almost time for some eggnog (not really one of my favorites - I'd much rather drink hot chocolate) and Christmas music.
Enjoy all your friends and family as you gather together.  We'll see you soon!
Lisa neighbor
It's good to have great neighbors.


Julie Hibbard said...

wow. She sounds like a great person. Myself, I am tired of people saying that I will meet someone when I least expect it.
I haven't expected it for years. And nothing.
Happy New Year, TS...
Looking forward to a new start.

racheld said...

Awe, this is so nice! I met them once & really liked them...you boys are luck to have uncrazy neighbors!