Merry Christmas!

Happy Incarnation Day!
Dwell in Joy today my friends.  Today we celebrate our great Emmanuel!  Our God dressed himself up in bones and muscle and flesh, and began his journey towards wooden beams and piercing nails.  This baby that we cuddle and coo today will die a brutal death on a cross so that we might become the righteousness of God.  
Certainly if we believe that, we could go tell in on the mountains with a little more enthusiasm and excitement that this:


Julie Hibbard said...

Oh my gosh....Henrietta and Myrna are amazing!!!!!!!!
So happy and full of love and full of joy!!!
Love Henrietta's sweater too. Or is that Myrna. Which one has the AWESOME glasses????
Wow. Too much...

racheld said...

Ditto on the above comment...bonus is the idea that Myrna gave me for my bangs...I heart them!

Lisa Marie said...

I've probably watched this three times now. It's so wonderfully awkward.

PS...Hi. I'm Lisa. I'm a friend of Julie's :)