Up All Night

I’m often trying to figure out the balance of self-revelation and privacy when it comes to what I post on this blog.  It was this balance that I had on my mind last night laying in bed.  Should I or should I not post this blog.

I found myself falling asleep rather early for my standards, somewhere around 11:30.  Yet somewhere in the middle of the night…terror struck.  Both my stomach and right thigh began to cramp up.  Which, by the way, are two entirely different cramps; something I had not ever thought about until last night when I experienced them simultaneously.

Now neither cramp is something you want to deal in the middle of a deep sleep, because with their powers combined they have the ability to cripple the mightiest man.  And since I am not even close to being defined as mighty (I’m more of a “surprising able”), I was in serious trouble.

The problem is this; when treating a debilitating leg cramp one might find it difficult to do the necessary running needed to care for a debilitating stomach cramp. 

My solution was simple; mind over matter.  I distracted myself by weighing the pros and cons on whether or not such a post as this was actually appropriate. 




Julie Hibbard said...

Privacy is over rated.

racheld said...

You know that me & my nosey self likes the personal stuff over anything else!