Remember those holes that were in the movie Roger Rabbit that were really really cool.  It was an Acme product that was, well, a hole.  A black hole in which you could throw against a brick wall or something, throw something inside of it, peel off the whole and the brick wall would be restored.  
It would be a great product to have just in the everyday regular life.  You could store all the extra crap that we can't quite seem to manage; the things which clutter our homes and force us to buy storage units.  
Or we could use it to help fight off polution and waste.  Think about it.  No more trash bags, you just put one in the bottom of your trash can...presto!

Today I would use one to hide in.  To create a place where I can bury myself away and maybe crawl out of tomorrow.

Well here is a short film about a man that finds a similar one of those holes.


Laura M. Sanders said...

that was pretty clever!

Taylor said...

awesome! i will forever long for a black hole now, and they will plaque my thoughts everytime i am bored!