4 Month Fast

So I am currently in day 2 of a 4 month fast. Obviously this isn't a complete fast, otherwise I'd be a real idiot. This fast is a two part-er, which I do need some help defining, but before I do that let me explain why the fast.

Lately I've been waiting on God for direction. The only thing that I've been feeling a calling towards was a fast. Most people already know that I've been on a Dr. Pepper fast for the entire year and have actually been doing well at that. But there really wasn't in point in the DP fast other than to see if I could do it.

Feeling a calling to a deep more purposefully fast I began preparing to limit my beverage intake only to water, milk and 100% juices. But seeing as I don't really drink milk (always afraid it's spoiled) or juice (always taste weird after I've brushed my teeth), this is essentially a water only thing.

As I considered how this would change even some of my eating habits I realized that I would have some struggles even going to Chic-fil-a, because there I've replaced my DP addiction with a sweet tea one. So the next thing I decided was to go ahead and plan to also fast from fast food for the final four months of the year.

So for the next four months (September to December) I will be replacing almost all beverages and fast food with prayer. Now this may seem like a silly fast, especially since I don't eat a lot of fast food, but being as my goal is to inject my prayer life with a little more power, consistency and purpose...well this works for me.

More specifically I will be praying for a least three things: (1) direction, (2) foreign missions and global causes, and (3) one particular friend who is currently on a mission trip. For this specific missionary friend I want her to know that while she is struggling with some situations and difficulties where she is at, there will be someone who is regularly praying for her and laboring with her.

I'm a guy who builds in routines and habits, and over the past year I've been going to Chic-fil-a during lunch at least once, usually twice a week (about the only time I eat fast food). So there will be at least 2 hours a week I replace with prayer. This doesn't count the numerous times a day I drive past a place and have to replace my hunger for fast food with prayer. Or every time I take a drink of water and send up a flare prayer, these tend to add up throughout the day.

What I need your help with though is defining what is fast food. Some places just easily fit the fast food definition. McDonald's, Chic, Burger King, etc. But there are some that I don't know about. I've been asking friends, but thought I'd open the discussion to everyone here. So far they aren't an issue, but maybe down the road. As these come up, I'll be asking for help from you, my blogging community.

So let's start:

How do you define fast food?


Are these by your definition fast food?
- Subway
- Chipotle


Courtney said...

I define fast food as anything that has a drive-thru, thus making accessibility to food fast.

Alli Hibb said...

I would agree with Courtney...and I think that I'm already missing Chipotle enough for the both of us, so don't give that up...okay?!

Oh, and thank you...

i'm beccy. said...

I agree. I think the biggie is fried foods that are so unhealthy. Some simple foods are quick to make, but healthy (like subway and chipotle), so I wouldn't worry about those at all. Good for you. I am working on disciplines again, too.

racheld said...

yep, you have smart ladies reading this blog....it is all about the drive thru!