Here is a couple of quotes that I read today, from this book I'm currently reading entitled The Journey of Crazy Horse by Joseph M. Marshall III.

After Crazy Horse has his heart broken by Black Buffalo Woman.
"...the fickleness of yong women was always difficult to understand... so too were the ambitions of grown men."
Which is somewhat comforting that even years ago, despite time and culture woman are still a mystery.


As Crazy Horse's legend began to grow among his own people, some were content to wait and see...
"The reckless die young," the old men advised, "and their only legacy is their brief moment of glory, but over time it is forgotten. It is the steady and steadfast that prevail."
The old ones said, "so while it serves the heart and the imagination to hear the exploits of a new young warrior, one's who's quiet ways in camp contraditcted the stories of daring on the battle field. The old men puffed on their pipes as they sat around the evening fires and nodded knowingly. "Over time young Crazy Horse would give up his reckless ways," they said, "everyone does."
I can't help consider this quote in the context of the numerous up and coming baseball players that have been highlighted over the past couple seasons. And in the context of ministry, and the numerous young pastors who are rising lately.

Anyways. I am enjoying this book.

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