What qualifies as having "read a book"?
  • a quick skim?
  • 1/2 the book?
  • 3/4 the book?
  • several paragraphs from each chapter?
  • each word?
  • each word understood?
  • listening to the audio version?
  • reading a book review?

How do you define "I read a book".

Looking for answers here, so make sure you leave a quick reply.



i'm beccy. said...

comprehension. did you get what the author was trying to convey. or at least made your best effort. - that is my definition, anyhow.

Taylor said...

reading every word, and understanding enough to make it worth reading.

racheld said...

reading every word...and of course listening to the audio counts! Does this help your goal of 40?

Laura M. Sanders said...

hard to say, guess it depends on what you're trying to "qualify" it for... not reading a whole book could be like using Cliff's Notes for school reading material... If I don't finish a book, my saying that I've read it is quickly followed by a disclaimer of how much I did read. I can't count on comprehension or memory for qualifications, if that was true I've never "read" the Bible...