John Mayer trip

I really want to spend some more time posting some photos (maybe a sweet 5 minute solo by the man himself) and retell some stories but bed time is a callin', so I want to promise that tomorrow I'll definitely do that.

However throughout the trip Rachel and Jaime felt it was their calling to help me give and receive compliments. I was unaware that either of these were a problem, but as any guy will tell you, spend any time with a gaggle of girls and your perceived flaws will soon be pointed out.

Nevertheless, to these amazing (and extremely open) women:
You are an incredible joy!
Thank you for the hours of laughter and your pure child-like enthusiasm for life.


racheld said...

Thank you. Now the teacher becomes the student!!!! Well done Big Pappa C!

Jaimelynn said...

Thank you! That was a fine compliment indeed. well done. A- ( there is always room for improvent) tink!

haha love ya!

aka your favorite x !