Improving Thyself

On a recent road trip a couple of ladies decided to create a list of things I could do to improve myself. How generous of them huh? And while I often, almost to a neurotic nature, worry that there are elements of me to be improved I welcomed their list. What I was unaware of was that this was in actuality a list by the girls to improve me for their own benefit. In fact these ladies just now refer to this list as My Princess List (meaning how I can serve and support the princesses in my life).

I’ll let you decide on what you agree with and what suggestions of theirs am I doing well with and should just ignore.

And please feel free to add any additional suggestions…


aka My Princess List

[Thoughts in the parenthesis are my thoughts]

- Try not to make Jamie or any woman feel insecure about her feet. (Even though she often wears flip flops and sometimes walks around with bare feet resulting in dirty, dirty feet)

- Be more mindful of the needs of princesses (Remember, princesses will blame you for anything, including when others lock their keys in their cars)

- Be more interesting (“What…what….what…what..be more constructive with your criticisms”)

- Pay lots of compliments

- Audibly demonstrate compliments given (A smile or head nod is not enough, the words “Thank You” must be spoken, even when the compliment is given back-handedly)

- Find more male friends (as an outlet)

- Bear the princess’ load when needed (via piggy back rides, carrying their ridiculously large purses, etc.)

- Don’t be around Taylor, she’s engaged which is practically married (I don’t remember the context of this suggestion, other than Taylor having just gotten engaged)

- Believe everything Rachel and Jaime say (Now that just seems excessive, right? But they said it so it must be true)

- Learn to…(this suggestion was rather crude so I’ll PG it up by saying)…appreciate toes. (you see I tend to think feet are usually dirty and gross, but they did offer their own toes for me to practice on)


racheld said...

Dang it Trevor, your ladies are going to get on me again!!!! I agree with most items on the list except you don't need more male friends....hello you have us!!!!! Also the Taylor thing was "don't be dirty in front of her"....she is a lady - hello she has the ring to prove it! Lastly, I don't recall any "back handed" compliments....all were full of sweetness and honesty!

Taylor said...

not that i am participating in this, but the "don't be around taylor suggestion should read: 'don't be gross around taylor". not don't be around taylor- that makes me sound unfriendly. :(

on another note- what did i miss, did something happen??