The Reveal

So last Sunday after the evening service Tommy, April, Erin, the Deuce and I enjoyed some time hanging out over Chipotle yumminess. Somehow as we were sharing the idea of having Tommy, the local artist (amazing painter whose work I should post sometime), paint something with the Deuce and I.
We laughed for quite sometime before April, Tommy's wife, suggested cherubs. It was like a ray of light from heaven. The Deuce and I agreed that this would be perfect, as long as we were painted wearing hats because you will generally find us wearing ball caps.
Tommy was all in, and planned to paint Tuesday and Wednesday, in total he spent about 10 hours on the project.
Back to Sunday - the Deuce and I returned home, stood in Chris' doorway and giggled and planned what else we could do for this prank. Then we did the same Monday night.
On Tuesday night we stood in awe of the half finished work and both made a pack never to do something this amazing to the other.
On Wednesday we marveled at the finished work and again repeated our vow that we would not ever recreate this awesomeness on each other.
On Thursday, Rachel, Tupas (Amanda), the Duece and I purchased Chris a new bed set and sheets. The sheets were 100% polyester, black and in gold the word Playboy with the Playboy bunny.
On Saturday, Rachel and I hung the stuff around the ceiling, which I know what it's called but have no clue as how to spell it. Rachel also wrapped Chris' lap shade with a boa, to spice it up.
Then we waited in holy anticipation for Chris' return.
Chris returned Sunday, at around 2:15 in the morning. I think he was too tired to give the proper response. I was really hoping for some swearing that punches thrown, instead he just remained speechless for a short period of time before saying, "uh...".
Hopefully I'll post the video of the Reveal tomorrow or later this week, but for now here is a photo. Visit my facebook page for additional photos.

(fyi - that me on the left and the Deuce on the right)


i'm beccy. said...

This is one of the best pranks ever, and I have done and hung out with some masters! LOVE IT!!!! I think you deserve a crown or something. Tommy rocks!

Jess said...

Dude, I wouldn't know what to say either!