Rapidly Growing

The Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities

(I believe this list is limited to cities with over 100,000 people)

1.       New Orleans, LA

2.       Victorville, CA

3.       McKinney, TX

4.       N. Las Vegas, NV

5.       Cary, NC (I used to live here)

6.       Killeen, TX

7.       Port St. Lucie, FL

8.       Gilbert, AZ

9.       Clarksville, TN

10.   Denton, TX

Just in case you having trouble counting that’s three (3) cities in Texas.


The Top 10 Cities with the greatest numerical increases

1.       Houston, TX

2.       Phoenix, AZ

3.       San Antonio, TX

4.       Fort Worth, TX

5.       New Orleans, LA

6.       New York, NY

7.       Atlanta, GA

8.       Austin, TX

9.       Charlotte, NC

10.   Raleigh, NC

4 of the top 10, 3 of the top 4 cities are in Texas.  Despite the nations opinions of Texas, they sure seem to like living here.  (And I honestly am not a die-hard Texan, just giving credit where credit is due.)


Click HERE for link where I found this info.  This is helpful stuff if you’re interested in church planting or home buying. 


The saddest aspect of all these facts, is despite San Antonio’s (and let’s throw Austin in this to as they will soon be synonymous, like Dallas/Ft.Worth) continued numerical growth they do not have a major pro baseball or football team. 



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