Annoyingly Cute

Sure she's on one of those annoying TV gossip news shows (which are such a complete waste of one's day even though they suck you in and you can't help but watch...like a car wreck or a petite middle school girl eating a whole Chipotle burrito).
On a typical day the a mention of her and I begin to prepare for that annoying sound of fingernails on a chalk board (there might be some exaggeration here...)

But put her in a baseball uniform and...

I could do to see Maria without the Red Sox hat, but I suppose since she's from Massachusetts (I wikipedia'd her) I can forgive her...at least during All-Star week.

Didn't really know this about myself, but apparently I'm a sucker for the ladies who love baseball and sport baseball uniforms. (Softball gals don't always count...I think it's the visor over the actual hat).

I knew Alyssa Milano was a big Dodger fan, but come on, every guy who grew up watching Who's the Boss? has a thing for Alyssa.

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