I am completely fascinated by LARPing and LARPers. In case you don't know LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing/er.
I have no interest in spending an afternoon participating, but the people who do complete amaze this particular people watcher.
Here is a video introducing you to the world of LARPing.

Now there are some LARPers who occasionally gather at a local park on Sunday afternoons and after a couple of attempts to go watch them I was beginning to give up hope that this might be an actual reality.
But alas, just before all hope was gone...good news!
One of our graduating youth group students will be attending Greenville College in Greenville, IL (where Jars of Clay formed - fyi). And after a random pairing of roommates guess what her future roommate does with her spare time!
Yep LARPing.
Shayla...please please please!
Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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Shayla said...

Fine. Just once. And I'll take pictures!

And you better do something nice for me when I come back to Texas. And I'm being completely serious, no buying me my own foam sticks (I'm sure I could afford a couple pool tubes) and calling it "something nice."

I mean something genuinenly nice. Like a flat screen TV or a puppy.