Originally I wanted to title this post "frickin' awesome", but I wasn't sure if Psalty would appreciate that, so I just edited it. But then I remembered that Psalty doesn't read this blog, so I wrote it here in the actualy post.

I could go for a Psalty comeback, I don't know about you.
My favorite album was when they climbed the mountain, or the baseball one.

When my sister's came along they didn't fully appreciate the wonder and awe of a singing songbook, rather they preferred Rappin' Rabbit.


Julie Hibbard said...

I was so excited to see this and then quickly realized that it was a Saddleback production! Allison (the testimonial in the clip!) LOVED all the Psalty tapes, as did her brother (he'd never admit it today!)
LOVE this so much!!

Shayla said...

Yeah, that Allison was a LITTLE excited about Psalty.

Haha...and oh the cliffhanger!!