Tonight - Watching Cloverfield

WARNING: If you haven't seen the movie don't read too far into this post.
I'm currently watching Cloverfield. The Deuce and I have tried to persuade Philip that these events really happened. I'm not sure if he's buying it. That's a scary monster.
If you were in the middle of some horrible event how hard would it be to take a phone call from your mother.
I have a song from The Braak Show stuck in my head. I'm hot for you baby...I'm a big ol' beet... da dat da da dat... I go good with meat." Maybe later I'll find the youtube clip for you.
cra-vas or crev-ess?
What would you think if you were walking in a subway and you saw a flaming (on fire) homeless man?
I'm teaching tomorrow night. We've been going through spiritual roadblocks and I'm going to talk about the roadblock of the believing and accepting God's unconditional love.
The chick who blows up in the movie...where else have I seen her. Hud the camera guy was on the show Carpoolers.
That chick is in heels running around New York. Oh wait she took them off to climb the stairs.
If I could teach one lesson it would be about the love of God. If I had only opportunity left to share with students it would be to share the love of God.
"You came back for me." Cheesy line. First off they didn't come back they just came for her no. No back. Tomorrow is the food show and I'm really excited!! I'll definitely take tons of photos. I know I promise that a lot but this time I mean it.
A crashing helicopter might be an interesting ride...say a six flags.
That chick survived a iron rod through her chest and a helicopter crash...wouldn't it be ironic if this was her lucky day.
Getting your legs eaten and falling out of the mouth of a monster...not a good ride for six flags.
I bet if I tell Philip a few more times that this real he'll believe it.
We are now going to watch some more real footage in the special features.
Anyways these were just thoughts while watching a movie...or at least those I was able to quickly type on my phone.

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