Greatest List of Baseball Moments (In My Humble Opinion)

Greatest List of Baseball Moments (In My Humble Opinion)

-          Lou Gehrig “luckiest man” speech [1939]

-          Bobby Thomson’s Shot Heard ‘Round the World  [1951]

-          Bill Mazeroski’s 9th inning homerun in Game 7 [1960]

-          Carlton Fisk’s World Series home run (where he waves it fair) [1975]

-          Hank Aaron breaking the home run record [1974]

-          McGwire hits 61 [1998]

-          Maris and Mantle‘s home run chase in ’61 with Maris hitting #61 on the last game of the season [1961]

-          Kirk Gibson off the pine World Series Home Run.[88]

-          Joe Carter’s three-run homer to win the Series [1993]

-          Cal Ripken’s 2131st baseball game [1995]

-          Pirate’s Harvey Haddix 12 perfect innings result in a loss [1959]

-          Don Larsen’s World Series No-Hitter [1956]

-          Willie Mays over the shoulder catch and throw [1954]

-          Jack Morris’ 10 shutout innings to win the series. [1991]

-          Buckner’s Error [1986]


If I had to choose one over any other it would be between

-          the Lou Gehrig speech, or

-          September 8th, 1990, Nolan Ryan’s lip is bloodied by a Bo Jackson line drive, and he continues to pitch. or

-          In 1973 Detroit Tiger Norm Cash took a saw off table legs to the plate against Ryan saying “I wasn’t going to hit him anyway.”


What about you? 

What other moments do you feel belong on this list? 

Which is your favorite?





Julie Hibbard said...

Wow! What a beautiful list!!!
My faves:
1. Kirk Gibson's HR. STILL cry over this one...so does Dennis Eckersly
2. Hank's 714--hit off Al Downing. I will never forget it!
3. 61* race. Dear Lord, I watch that movie two or three times a year. Amazing!

Baseball is SO fabulous! Man! What a great list! I'm saving this!

Julie Hibbard said...

Oh...one other 'memorable' moment in baseball for me...Mark Grace pitching against the Dodgers!! Hilarious! Do you remember that one?
I swear, i was on a date with a man (a huge baseball fan) a couple of years ago and I said, "Remember that game where..." And he said, "Mark Grace pitched?!"
I swear, I thought he was the one at that point. Baseball trivia is my love language.

bluedevilda said...

My favorite baseball moment is always the end of the last game of the year.


When Roger Clemens "testified" on Capitol Hill.

TS Harrison said...

Any sport that can claim Shawn Kemp has no place to speak against baseball.