Failing is for Winners

I've been really dumbfounded recently, as I've tried to recruit students to attend Oak Hills Student Ministries Mexico Mission trip, by the number of parents who just flat out told me that they won't allow their children to attend.
But then again I'm not, as our youth ministry is made up largely (90%?) of home schooled students. They are completely afraid of their children being put in any situation that might endanger (challenge) their child.
So when I invite the parents to attend with their child, I get the same fearful response.

The puzzling thing is that Max Lucado just did a series entitled Fearless.

I don't like to question parents or say their wrong, unless the issue is straight up heresy or illegal. But I do think these parents are crippling their children, or building up a future rebellious attitude.

I've been challenging these parents to at least attend the information meeting this Sunday between services.

My job will be to create enough confidence and assurance in our adult leaders, these students and our plans that these parents will allow their children to risk. Pray for me as I really want to build not attack.

Any helpful thoughts or suggestions.

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p.s. I think I should clarify that I don't necessarily have any issues with home schooling in general. But I disagree with home schooling as a means of separating from culture. I feel the response I receive more often that not, when asking why someone home schools, is fear of public influence not better education. Also I'm not sure if I think education minus social interaction is really worth it either.

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