You know how...

You know how some people say that they think their life would make a great movie or TV show? Or that they see their life as a show or movie?
There are times that I think that, but...
  • ...then I remember that there are days that nothing really happens in my life. Days where it's even hard to Twitter.
  • ...then I remember I've never been in a hostage situation at my bank or local gas station.
  • ...then I remember I've never been locked in a closet, on the roof, in the basement, in the bank vault or in a restaurant freezer with the girl that I am secretly in love with, and is secretly in love with me, but we can only seem to argue with one another, yet use the time trapped to resolve this tension and ultimately fall in love with one another... at least until the rating sweeps.
  • ...then I remember that I don't have a quirky best friend who enters my place in an unusual manner (i.e. sliding through the door, climbing through the window, climbing over my balcony railing).
  • ...then I meet my neighbors and none of them are the girl next door.
  • ...then I remember I've never owned an exotic pet.
  • ...then I remember that I've never been knocked out and had an adventure in black and white.
  • ...then I remember I have never been involved in a high speed chase, jumped out of a rapidly moving vehicle, just barely jumped out of the way of an explosion, or landed a airplane even though I was a week or two away from my pilot's license.
While my everyday is fairly uneventful it's always good to know I still have my movie star looks.

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