If Metropolis is to Manhattan what is Gotham City?
I assume some people will say Chicago but I disagree.
And I base this thought solely on the idea that as often as Batman and Superman interact, specifically within the Justice League Organization that they cannot live to far from one another.
Now the argument can be made that at Superman's speed distance doesn't play into the equation. Maybe...but distance would get in the way with the amount of time they are able to interact.
Therefore based on the size of the city depicted in the comics and movies I would suggest that Gotham City is an east coast city, and more specifically some New England city.
I have two guesses:
(#1) Boston - Bruce Wayne's wealth would fit this city that everyone outside of hates.
(#2) Newark - Everyone knows that New Jersey is a haven for the low lifes found in abundance in Batman's everyday.

Those are my suggestions...how about you?
If Metropolis is to Manhattan... then Gotham City is to _____________

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Alli Hibb said...

I would argue that you have it reversed...I think Gotham City is Manhattan and Metropolis is Chicago (since Smallville is in Kansas)...Wikipedia agrees...