Politics '08

I don’t like to spew too much about politics, because I know very little and have way too many opinions. I do like, however, to read about politics to some degree and enjoy friendly discussion/debates (just not to the point that someone’s feelings get hurt, which is almost always).

Anyways I reveal all of that because I read this interesting interview with Karl Rove today. Karl Rove was the chief advisor to President Bush since his days running for governor of Texas, recently he has resigned and is pursuing other opportunities.

I think he is an incredibly interesting and polarizing figure. Many see him as the evil genius or the conservative savior. I don’t know about either of those. But I would agree that he is someone who just “gets” politics.

Read the interview and see what I mean.

I’m really curious about the off-the-record parts.

What’s your opinion of the man and his thoughts?



Anonymous said...

write bigger so i can read your blog!

TS Harrison said...

I think I fixed it. When I post via e-mail it post the text small. Sorry Kara.
But there was something I was going to ask you...what was it...oh yeah...
Who are you Kara?