The Pig Bank

According to the group Citizens Against Government Waste, in their annually published Pig Book, the total for this year ear marked items on the national budget is $17.2 billion spread across 11,610 “pork barrel” projects.  Some of these projects include:

  • $211,509 for research on olive fruit flies in Paris, France
  • $1,950,000 for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service in New York – earmarked by Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY)
  • $3,000,000 in research into shrimp.
  • $98,000 to develop a walking tour of Boydton, Virginia
  • Go to the website to the CAGW website to read more.

ABCnews presented the earmarking down by the three remaining presidential candidates

    1. Hilary Clinton with 281 ear marks totaling over $296,000,000
    2. Baraak Obama with 53 ear marks totaling over $97,000,000
    3. John McCain has never requested an ear mark.

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