Opening Day (For Me)

Major League Baseball official got under way on Sunday, but for me as an Astros and Rangers fan things really got going yesterday. 

Sure Opening Day officially began in Japan last week, but I am refusing to acknowledge such a poor decision. 

So if Monday was any indication as to how the rest of the season will progress I have 322 more games of disappointment. 


Astros (0-1)

Lost 4-0.  The sad thing in this game is that Oswalt just got out-pitched by Peavy.  It doesn’t help when the Astros’ supposedly upgraded their offense and still dropped an egg.  You can’t win games in you don’t cross the plate.  Even with a bad outing by Oswalt they only gave up four runs. 


Rangers (0-1)

Lost 5-2.  More sluggish offense.  I expect the pitching to be bad, but to be able to compete they are going to have to score more than 2 runs every night. 


Other Thoughts

Mets vs. Marlins.  I’m curious how many Mets players make more per year than the entire Marlin team ($21 million)

Cubs vs. Brewers.  I love that the Cubs lost. 

Tigers vs. Royals.  Kinda surprised that this is how the Tigers get out of the gate.  High power offense out pitched by the Royals bullpen?

Rays vs. Orioles.  If the Rays weren’t in the East I’d say they would make the playoffs.  However as of yesterday they are in first place!



Julie Hibbard said...

Dodgers won!!
I didn't know Peavy left San Diego!
Don't worry...there are 161 games to go...it will get better!

bluedevildad said...

"more disappointment" = more reasons to hate baseball.

On another note - I'm in the running for 2 tix to the Final Four from some guy on Raleigh Craigslist. I'll let you know how it turns out.