Need a New Life?

If you feel that you are in need of a new life, maybe you'd like to buy Ian Ushers. He is selling his life on ebay. His entire life - house, vehicle, job, friends - everything! The bidding starts at $1.
This is an incredible story. And thousands are gravitating towards and encouraging his cause.
Why would so many people desire to have a complete fresh start?
Why would so many people be willing to leave everything for something new?
Why would so many people feel a connection to a Ian's situation in life?

Ian reasons that if he couldn't have his old life, than he wants nothing to do with it. It requires a complete abandonment of his old life and accepting a brand new one.

This is only one more reminder to me of how much I love my life with Christ. And one more reminder of how much I desire to leave everything else behind and die to self. And even one more reminder of the price that Christ paid for me.

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