Pink Shorts

Tonight the Deuce, Philip, Chris and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some grub. Across the tables from us was this couple in the photo (sorry my camera phone sucks). It's hard to tell in the photo but the gentleman was rockin' some pink short shorts. Awesome!

It would be real easy to mock him, but I chose rather to be in awe of his confidence. Hey he was actually on a date tonight, while I was eating with three other dudes...maybe there is something to the pink short shorts.

The question here is two fold:
  1. Guys at what point in a dating relationship do you feel confident enough to sport some pink short shorts?
  2. Ladies at what point in a dating relationship would you accept your man wearing pink short shorts?
As the man left with his lady friend, who was cute, I tipped my hat to him.
Rock on pink short shorts man, rock on!


Rootd And Groundd said...

My own personal opinion is that it is never a good time to ever sport pink short shorts for a man, let me emphasis never. But, who am i to judge, my favorite color is plaid.

racheld said...

Obviously the Deuce is wrong. It is always a good idea to wear pink. On men I prefer a more subtle approach to pink, however if a boy showed up on a date in pink shorts I would be quite pleased!

Chris Morton said...

I'm looking for a girl who will just accept me for who I am. If she can't do that from day one, pink shorts and all, than she's not worth it.

Courtney said...

at what point...hmmm at the point where I know he's joking and not serious about making a fashion statment with pink shorts.