Lord of the Deuce

Tonight the Deuce introduced Rachel, Chris, Todd and I to a favorite game of his called Wahoo. Wahoo is kinda the poor man's Sorry, just with a wooden board, marbles and a dice (how the heck do you spell the singular word for dice?).
Anyways the Deuce announced early that his goal was not to win, just to make sure that I clearly did not.
Well my blogger friends I must inform you, and with all humility, that I, T S Harrison, strolled to victory. While Rachel challenged me near the end, my superiour intellect and stragetic manuevering ensured the crown of victory.
I wish I had pictures but it would have been rude of me to gloat such a victorious win by having pictures taken with the losers. Instead I just humbly accepted their congratulations (which was laidened with spite and envy) without mention of the crushing defeat!


Rootd And Groundd said...

Your still the devil, remember what you did to chris. Ill give this one to you but wait till next time. it was funny though, your dancing and jumping and shouting was like, wow!

Alli Hibb said...

The singular is die...