Last night I taught our high school students.
It was kind of a two parter. First I taught Colossians 2 on bring "rooted and built up" in Christ and the freedom we have in Jesus. How because of Jesus' triumph on the cross we can live with power and authority for Christ. Not just a life of avoidance and restrictions, but a life in pursuit of being like Jesus.
Then for the past month we've been teaching through some spiritual disciplines, so I continued and taught on journalings. I love what journaling has done for my life.

How about you? Do you journal and what benefits have you seen because of it?

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racheld said...

The greatest benefit of journaling for me is to see God's faithfulness. It is clear; and some times embarrassing evidence, of where I was and how far I have come (or not is some cases). Like I said journaling speaks to His faithfulness not mine.