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Read this article today, courtesy of YS’ weekly Update e-mail. 




This article reports that boys on average dated girls to fulfilled a motivation for love and desire to form real relationships.  Very interesting article that suggest that sex is not at the forefront of every teenage boy.  Several conclusions could be reached because of this information.  Enjoy the read.


While I am recommending the article, what I recommend more though is the comments that follow.  Check out some of these gems (have you noticed I’ve been using the word “gems” a lot lately…don’t know why…don’t plan on stopping):


- “So I wasn’t weird of gay 50 years ago as a teenager when I wanted more from a relationship than just sex.  Now they tell me I was normal.”     – Posted by Rich

- “Though I have not read the study referred to above, I do not sense from the summary that the authors have interpreted their results with the greatest reliability.  Teenage boys would not be the first humans to ascribe nobler reasons for their desires.”     – Posted by Lewis

- “…By the way, from what I’ve seen of the way teenage girls dress, if all the boys DID think about was sex, it would be hard to blame them!”     - Posted by A Boy’s Mom

- “…I don’t care why a teenage boy is after my daughter, I still don’t trust him.  I remember being a teenager boy myself.  Buy hey, I still don’t trust my brother-in-law either.  I don’t care if they’re grandparents now, stay away from my sister!”     - Posted by Rick

-  “None of this is gonna to stop me from cleaning my shotgun when my daughter’s prom date comes to pick her up.  These punks have got one thing on their minds, and it ain’t relationships.”     – Posted by brian

- “This is only a surprise to women.  Any male knows that he was desperately in love at fifteen in a way he never would be again.     – Posted by Brad

- “Boys lie.  Nuff said.”     - Posted by Jessie


There are several more that are rather insightful. 



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