Confessions (Part 2)

I hear Usher’s song in my head.  “These are my confessions…” 

Unfortunately when I loving sing to myself in the mirror and rip off my shirt it just ain’t what MTV wants on the air.  Then again Jack Blacks had a few shirtless hits.

“I’m good enough.  I’m smart enough.  And doggone it people read my blog.”


But that’s not what I want to confess.  Here’s my second confession of the day.


When at Chick-fil-A I like to say “thank you” a lot.

Apparently when someone tells a Chick-fil-A employee “thank you”, the employee must reply with “It’s my pleasure.” 

I think this is a little odd, but I still like it.  It’s not “not a problem” or “you’re very welcome”.  It’s much more intimate of a statement. 

“It’s my pleasure.”


Plus when I happen to get the cute lady who works there to takes my order and she says “it’s my pleasure”. 

However, when a guy takes my order I try to never thank them, that’s oddly uncomfortable.


Rob said...

That's funny....I'm so going to try that next time at Chick-Fil-A!

On the other post...thanks for your honesty...and I've been there. It doesn't feel good when He exposes our worst part, does it? Lovin' the Rich Mullins lyrics, though....that man has written the soundtrack of my life! Personal fave: "Hard To Get".

Really enjoy your stuff - and I've linked to your blog...you're a great writer!

Courtney said...

HAAA! I can't wait to thank them next time I'm there. This is great news...although I'm sure I will follow it with a giggle.