Answers (Part 2)

I'm going to answer a few more of Julie's questions. This time I hope I get more than a post reply, but actually land on her "Good Bloggers" list.

18. What I really think of the electric slide
I hold to the belief that the electric slide, much like the electric fence, should not be peed on.

51. People who I should call/write/delete from my cell phone
Call - I need to call Brooke Asbury and see if she can recommend any DJ's for my sister's wedding.
Write - I don't understand. Do you mean e-mail? Or text?
Delete - I just went through this weekend deleting every phone number that I don't need or have been changed, there was several.

71. How I met the love of my life
Still to be written... at least I hope so. Wouldn't that suck if I've already met her? Maybe when we were in the 7th grade together we met and moved on never to meet again. Yep that would suck because I only remember a few people from 7th grade and we all played baseball together... and I don't date dudes.

6. The best meal of my life
This is hard to say. I'm going to go with the current one. Unless it happens to have something in it I don't care for, in which case then meal after that.
Honorable mentions: This five star restaurant in Izmir, Turkey. Any one of my birthday dinners ever (hamburgers and chocolate cake). Any dinner at my parents (except when they stuff mushrooms into dishes), Thanksgiving, grilling steaks, mom's taco salads, etc. A box of Mac & Cheese.

14. If I could be anyone in the world
I feel a Freaky Friday lesson comin' on, so I'm just going to say me.

33. How I'd make the world a better place
Quickly and permanently.

40. Here's pictures of my garden, house, kids, golf clubs, car, most expensive pair of shoes
My arm back in October of '07 after I fell climbing over the fence to get into my apartment. I had walked out of my apartment to check out the Deuce's new truck and forgot my keys. When trying to go back through the complex gate I realized my error and decided to hop the fence like I've done numerous times before. This time I slipped and slashed my arm and landed face first. Pure grace, I know. There's still a scar today that I wonder if other people assume was me trying to kill myself.

27. Favorite poet/author/artist
Poet - Allison and friends HERE and HERE
Author - Mark Buchanan
Artist - Van Gogh


Alli Hibb said...

I would say you're on my "good bloggers" list...but I'm not sure that I'm the Hibbard you were trying to impress...

Julie Hibbard said...

Oh you're on this Hibbard's list for sure! Thanks 'TS'...Love the electric slide one! You are one terrific Blogger.
Pitcher and Catchers report Thursday!
Woo Hoo!