Quotation from Today

During our gathering this morning Mario, an assistant minister, announced the upcoming 6:00pm serivce launching February 10th. As he attempted to describe the purpose of the service he really said a head scratcher. This service will be even more laid back than the two morning services and hopefully will garner an crowd of Saturday evening partiers and Sunday morning sleepers. Mario said, and I have to apologize because this isn't quite word for word:

"This will be a service for those who don't normally come to church, people we refer to as Those Who Don't Normally Come To Church."

Or as the Deuce and I refer to them; TWDNCTC's.


Alli Hibb said...

TWDNCTC...it's really nice to have an abbrev for these people.

Rootd And Groundd said...

Straight up, we are here to love on all those TWDNCTC's. Man i love how that just rolls off the tongue, so funny...