No Comic Left Behind

Superman Finds New Fans Among Reading Instructors

Researchers at Columbia University have found through a recent study that comic books have the potential to aid young readers in the literary development.
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There has been previous understanding that comics, with their paneled pictures and dialogue had the potential to harm young readers.
I have always struggled reading. I find myself having to reread words, sentences, paragraphs, even whole chapters numerous times until I really was able to grasp what was being communicated. I really notice this at church when singing along to songs using the hymnals or projected lyrics. I constantly mix up the words or phrases. This results in me saying/singing some major theologically inappropriate things. Perhaps even blasphemous.
But I would contribute any reading success that I have partially to having read comics growing up. Not Superman like the above story link, but a real superhero like Spider-Man.


Chris Morton said...

It's good to know there's finally researching proving my hours of Comic Book reading helped make me into the genius I am today. Just imagine what a better reader you would be if you had spent more time reading Batman.

TS Harrison said...

Batman sucks.