I love this man...

I've never met Shaun Groves, but through his music and his words he has a huge impact on my life. Every time I hear him I'm convicted, encouraged and challenged. Check out this video. Its about 14 mins. so find some time to sit still first.

Go on now. Check out this video, then come back and you can read what else I have to say. I'll wait.


Okay you're back.

God saves us from...and...God saves us for. That's huge, and I hope you understand that and believe that. It's one of those truths that is new every morning, where you're in awe of the fact that the God of the universe would dare to rescue and reuse a chubby cheeked and tousled haired man like me.

We could talk all night about what God has saved us from. Trucks, and sin, and hell, and evil, and selfishness, and loneliness, and emptiness and on and on and on. God has saved and saves us from so much. He is savior.

But I'm curious what God has specifically saved you for.

And I'm curious what God has specifically saved me for.

Fifteen years ago I have a pretty good idea what that was going to be. And ten years ago I was absolutely certain. But the last five years....

The last five years. Life unscripted is hard for man who always likes to have a plan.

I understand the generic, every Christ-follower answer. But personally. Specifically me. I losing confidence in the things that I once was so confident in.

And if you're like me then I want you to know that I'm doing some late Friday night praying and pleading to know the will of God in my life. And I'm praying for your's as well.

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TS Harrison said...

If this post seems awkward and uncomfortable. It wasn't easy to write, or reread it.
But authenticity requires humility and honesty, and I'm not good at either.