Film Night

Tonight I watched two movies. Waitress and then Once. Two incredible beautiful tragically happy movies.

I've known some people who were the pie maker that Keri Russel portrayed and were stuck in a life that brought them no satisfaction or joy. Hell, sometimes I've been that person. My heart was so sad though as you watch her try to find an alternative to the life she was living. But she eventually finds that which she didn't know she was looking for in the new life of her child and the gift from a dying friend.
[I had a preaching professor that would often say in daily discussions, "That'll preach". I think you could work something here.]

Once is somewhat a love story of two people so perfect for each other and so compatible, but for just a short moment in time. The music of this movie is brillant. There is this scene where the two have dinner with a huge gathering of people, and the price of dinner was to sing. Reminds me of Caedmon and his call. But the gathering, that's what we long for. Maybe not with music but some other shared interest. It's connection, purpose and significance. Some to sing, some to play, some to sit around and listen.
[That'll preach]

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Julie Hibbard said...

These are two of my favorite movies of last year. "Waitress" is close to my heart because A) I was a waitress for 15 years--always making other people happy and B) I was unhappily married for 23 years--always TRYING to make the other person happy. I think her "happy ending" is perfect.
And ONCE!! Oh my. SO amazing and the music is INDEED, fantastic. (have the soundtrack on my iPod) I relate to this one for many reasons too...and appreciate the "realistic" happy ending...they both brought the best out in each other...and encouraged each to do the right thing.
Yep, they'll both preach.
So glad you enjoyed them.