Speak Intelligently

For those of you who love TV (I’m in this crowd, but am struggling with a big decision that I’ll let you know about in a post to come) I would like to recommend a recent post by Tim Stevens on his blog Leading Smart. In the post Tim provided a recent article he wrote for Collide Magazine entitled Find God on TV.

It’s a very brief article so it won’t take you long to read it. Trust me I was able to read it in about a two minutes, you should be able to in about half a minute.

In the article he quotes Richard Leonard, a Jesuit priest from Australia who wrote Movies that Matter: Reading Film through the Lens of Faith. I like the quote:

“We cannot speak to a culture we do not know or one we despise…we have to learn its language and discover how Christ has already gone ahead of us, inculturated in some of medias values, stories and style.”


Carlos said...

Yea. I read that post too. Well put.

racheld said...

Hey, I think this article might be one to point people to when they ask about the "film and theology night." It made some great points, and may be what they need to hear?