So tonight The Deuce invited me to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. By the way, speaking of the movie, talk about way too many coincidences. And does anyone other than me think that this movie was supposed to have a spring release? What was with the Easter egg roll in December. Bad planning major movie studio people.
Back to what I was originally talking about.
So after my brother, Todd, and I did some Christmas shopping we met up with The Deuce. By the way, two grown men shopping and picking out children's clothes gets a lot of strange looks from other shoppers. Now I don't claim to be much of a fashion icon, personally I just don't care, but I think my sisters will be proud of the outfits we picked out for my nieces and nephew. We only called our mom for advice three times.
Again back to what I was originally talking about.
So while standing in line to buy my ticket I was tapped on my shoulder by Amber Renes (whose last name I struggle to pronounce no matter how many times it's corrected for me). By the way it doesn't take much to qualify for the military discount at the local cinema. While I have a card that has been issued by the U.S. Air Force, it doesn't necessarily qualify for the military discount. I hardly flashed it before the young man charged me the discounted rate. Is my integrity now in question?
Once more back to what I was originally talking about.
So apparently Amber and her husband Nate were just happening to see the same movie as us at the same time. By the way I just love serving our church's students with Nate and Amber. I am not looking forward to the day when Nate gets new orders and the Air Force relocates these two. I love laughing with them.
Okay, back to what I was originally talking about for the last time.
So after the movie we all, The Deuce, Nate, Amber, Todd and myself, exited the theater. We stood outside and said our goodbyes and then began walking to our vehicles...in the same direction. Isn't that always awkward? We'll we laughed and then continued to walk in the same direction down the same lane...continued awkwardness. Then we laughed as we realized that we not only parked down the same lane, but as far out in the parking lot as possible. Finally we were all in awe as we realized that we had unknowingly parked right by each other.
Seriously how weird is that?

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