Butter LOVE

I went to Austin tonight/last night with some friends, which included several great stories that I will share in the morning because I'm tired and I'm going to bed after this post.
But we ate at a restuarant called Magnolias. We were seated on the heated patie, except that the heat lamps were not lit. But a Texas winter doesn't get that cold and I thought it actually felt really good.

Anyways on the menu, please pardon my more than typical crappy phone (time for a new non-scratched phone with somewhat quality camera capabilities), William's Veggie Plate was cooked with spicy LOVE butter.

Boy that's a really bad photo. Where is the focus feature on my phone? Anyways you should be able to make out enough to know that I'm not lying.

Does anyone know what spicy LOVE butter that is?
Does it have lingering effects?

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racheld said...

Duh, It totally had lingering effects for the deuce!