Blessed and Blessings

The moon is full tonight. It's bright orange and hanging just above the tree line, low enough that I could almost reach up and steal it from the sky.
It was a beautiful treat after a joy filled service this evening. The community center was packed and more than twice as many seats were needed as were set up.
Chelsy, my sister, stepped in last minute for some sick vocals and sang with Kyle our worship pastor. Not just background, but she also preformed a solo. I love when she sings. I know I hear with brother's ears, but she is an amazing singer.

May the God of the traveling Tabernacle and the great Holy Temple dwell richly in you this Christmas. May you know and experience the Love that came down to earth to come close to you and me, closer than our moon tonight. May you walk with God, may you be filled with his Spirit and may his kingdom come.

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