25 Skills

MSN had an article today suggesting 25 Skills Every Man Should Know (thanks J-Mac for the link). These skills are:
1. Patch a radiator
2. Protect your computer
3. Rescue a boater who has capsized
4. Frame a wall
5. Retouch digital photos
6. Back up a trailor
7. Build a campfire
8. Fix a dead outline
9. Navigate with a map and compass
10. Use a torque wrench
11. Sharpen a knife
12. Preform CPR
13. Fillet a fish
14. Maneuver a car out of a skid
15. Get a car unstuck
16. Back up data
17. Paint a room
18. Mix concrete
19. Clean a bolt-action rifle
20. Change oil and filter
21. Hook up a HDTV
22. Bleed Brakes
23. Paddle a canoe
24. Fix a bike flat
25. Extend your wireless network
I included the whole list, because the value of the article is not necessarily the list, but the how-to tips that come with each. I apparently need these since I can only confess to knowing about 13 of the 25. But in my defense some of these I've never needed to know. I suppose I can figure it out if the time comes. Okay probably not, but that's why we have friends and pay people.

Editors Note: #8 is Fix a dead outlet.

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Alli Hibb said...

Is #8 like when they trace dead people?