Happy Thanksgiving

Well I'm sitting fat and happy now.
My momma went all out in her new kitchen this year. This has been the first Thanksgiving in my parent's new home that they had built and moved into only a couple months ago.
We had a turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn cassarole, green bean cassarole, monkey bread and even more. Also my mom baked a huge apple pie, a peacan pie, a pumpkin pie (which she forgot to add the sugar...disappointment, but I love you mom), and a cherry pie. Awesome!
Oh and my dad went out and bought a few pounds of shrimp, which I love. Thanks dad.
Chelsy and Cayla were home. Todd and his children, Haley, Jacob and Rebekah were also here (I say here because I'm typing on my mom's laptop while everyone is bloating in the living room).
And my friend William came too.
It's been a good day. Chelsy's trying to talk me into going to see The Mist with her...do I want to go. I guess we'll find out.

Well I going to grab another Dr. Pepper and join the family.

Happy Thanksgiving...God is Good.

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