Tonight I attended a sparsely attended concert of Kevin Max (of DC Talk fame). The show was opened by Chris Taylor and Rueben V.
There may have been 50 people in the small outdoor patio, but the music was delightful despite the lack of attendance. I was actually impressed that the show was still held despite the low ticket sales. It showed some integrity that honestly I wouldn't have been surprised not to see.
Kevin still has it. I don't care what your opinion of him or DC Talk is, but this man was given an incredible set of pipes. The control he has over his voice is amazing.
Paul, who I went with, and his son Alex recorded the show and I can't wait to get the bootleg copy. Also I might post some photos once Paul forwards them to me.
Kevin is somewhat of a hero of mine. His refusal to conform to the status quo or to the expectations of the majority demonstrate a quality that I'm still trying to acquire to my satisfaction. I had him sign my Canticles of the Plains album (with Mitch and Kevin down all I have left is Michael Tate and Leigh Nash, of course Rich has passed) and my copy of At The Foot Of Heaven.
Thanks Kevin for you life and music.

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Alli Hibb said...

I judge you for attending this concert...just letting you know...