Christmas Theory

A quick post to appease my conscience.

I thought I'd share my Christmas decoration theory. I have a few followers, but most people think I'm nuts.

I love the idea of fake trees, but believe in real trees. For this reason most of all: You can throw it away when you're done.

And I think you should through the tree out with all your lights, and dare I say ornaments. Take your fully decorated tree to the curb and watch the trash men take it away.

Growing up my mom has tons and tons of Christmas decorations, and I admit that her home is beautiful when she's done, but every year she ask me to come and haul the tubs and tubs of Christmas stuff down from the attic. She spends more to store he decorations that she did on the decorations.

Seriously, lights and bulbs are cheap enough to replace. If you're going to throw them away you don't have to invest in the expensive ones. And you will never again have to detangle strands and strands of lights.

That's what I call a Merry Christmas.

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