Penelope... I'm coming to find you!

My sister picked up this EP, While Underneath Lights by the david ramirez band, several months back and I love the song "Penelope".

I don't usually obsess or worry or get distracted with still being single. I don't want to be the guy you patrols singles groups and clubs and other places constantly on the lookout for "the one". The dating "game" is incredibly annoying to me. I don't want to settle and I don't want to compromise.

Not that I imagined being single at 29 either. But if I'm honest I would say that I would prefer being married, having someone to love and be loved by.

What I love about "Penelope", the song, is the line that speaks about naming the one you dream about. While I'm not as diligent in prayer for "her" as I'd like to be, naming her has given my prayers a little more conviction.

I'm curious for anyone single out there who happens to read this, what name are you giving the one you're praying for? [Remember hope presses on!]

While you think about that check out David's myspace and give "Penelope" a listen, and here are the lyrics:...

I was on another train
I caught a different plane
I landed a hour too late to see you
I was born a day late
My mother called my name
and I turned away and missed you face

Where did you go?
Where did you go now?
'Cause I'm coming to find you
Yeah I'm coming to find you

I just turned 22
And I'm getting older by the day
Could you give me a small clue?
The first letter of your name?
And you're so hard to see
Ideas are hard to hold
I love you Penelope
As pure as the snow

Can you feel my breath behind you?
Can you hear my steps coming near ya?
You stay put I'm coming to ya
There's nothing in this place that I fear
Only you without me
Only me without you

Oh Penelope
My Penelope

Do you dream about me?
Like I dream of you?
Do you ever sing about me?
What name did you choose?
This is getting hard
Everyone is finding love
Faith is getting tired
But hope is pressing on

Can you feel my breath behind you?
Can you hear my steps coming?
I'm coming dear
I will scale mountains to find you
No valley low enough to fear


Where am I going?
When do I stop?
Are you there waiting?
Have you given up?
Give me a picture
Something to see
Cause I'm dying to learn you
Dying to breath

So where did you go?
Where did you go now?
Where did you go?

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Anonymous said...

So I love this song, simply because David's a great guy and I can see where he was going with all this (just had to say that first and foremost).

Something that has been pressing on my thoughts lately is that God knows me so much better than I know myself; and for me to truly love someone, the way they deserve to be loved, I too must be in accord with God, actively seeking His will. As a woman, I tend to think "I need a Godly man who's going to be the amazing spiritual leader that I need. He needs to be the strength." But just yesterday I was thinking...how selfish of me it is to ask all these things of God, to bring someone to me with all of these amazing qualities, and for me to think my job stops there. I, too, must be equally in tune with God because there will be times that he will be weak and I will have to "take over". And even more so, God wants me to be more in love with Him than with someone else.

I think that as christians, especially christian women, we're taught never to settle. But I think the arduous conquest for love makes us settle, makes us compromise, rather than truly waiting and seeking God's plan. Waiting on God is...probably the hardest thing about living in today's society of instancy. So many women desire the attention of a christian man, so much so that it becomes obsession. And in addition to what I mentioned previously, we think that all we need is that Godly man on our side to get us right with God.

For us to love as God loved, we have to know Him and love Him that way. In my opinion, until that happens, He's not going to bless us, not because of what we've done wrong, but because he wants it to be perfect. That's just it. The key is waiting for perfection and love to ripen.

I don't know. Just a thought.