Recent Interview

I returned today from the Valley after interviewing at a church. I didn't come away with a great feel for how the search committee felt about me, but I will say that I did feel very comfortable during the two days I was visiting.
Now I know many of the students and adult sponsors from camp and was able to interact with them well, so that was helpful.
Also I laid a whooping on several of the high school boys while playing Risk. I tried to warn them that they were spreading their armies to thin. They wouldn't listen. They were forced to pay.
Outside of the ministry opportunities here is a short list of the things that excite me about working there:
- a few minutes from South Padre Island and the beach. We actually stayed out on the island one of the nights. And went and walked the length of the jetty in the morning.
- the parsonage! 3 bedrooms. 2 large living spaces. A yard! That could be amazing.
- my asthma seemed to be under control, or rather better than it's been here in S.A.
- the parsonage is only a few blocks from the church and the church is two blocks from one of the high schools. My current job has me driving 30-40 to work every day.
- cost of living in the Valley is supposed to be a lot less than other places.
- the youth pastor's office is in the youth building and has plenty of potential.

I'm going to continuing praying about it until they make their own decisions.

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