Man's smelly feet trigger police raid

I saw this article on the Internet and thought it was funny. It brought back some memories.
There was a couple of guys in college that had I not seen them during the day I suppose I could have called the cops to break into their dorm room. It stunk.
As not to embarrass them on the world wide web I'll refer to them as JB and TB (not related). They were both runners. In high school they both lettered and achieved a lot of praise for their athleticism. Actually while at school JB would run 5K's and he used the prize money for his weekly spending. I laughed pretty hard when he came back one Saturday afternoon having won the race, but instead of money he won a tree.
I digress.
I was mentioning them and their running, because their sweaty laundry wafted throughout the dorm floor. It would reek and we had to constantly recommend study sessions in our dorm.

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