Journaling: Wednesday August 2nd - 8th

Scriptures to Read:
(read in each version. follow the breakdown from the message version)
Day 1: James 3:1-2
Day 2: James 3:3-5
Day 3: James 3:5-6
Day 4: James 3:7-10
Day 5: James 3:10-12
Day 6: Matthew 7:15-23

Thoughts to Journal:
Day 1: Who was your favorite teacher and why?
Day 2: Today’s reading uses a couple of word pictures to describe the power of the tongue. Can you think of some similar examples?
Day 3: Today’s reading uses the example of a small spark to describe the power of the tongue. Light a candle and meditate on today’s reading while you watch the flame. Journal your thoughts.
Day 4: Today’s reading talks about how sometimes we are two-faced when we speak. Journal an example from your life when this is true. How does this make you feel about yourself?
Day 5: Spend the day speak only what builds others up or spend a day in silence. Journal your struggles and blessings.
Day 6: Google “pruning” and take some notes as to how and why (and what if you don’t know what “pruning” is).

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