OK...where to start.
I think I should say that I understand where all of this comes from. (You're asking "where what comes from?"... hang with me I'll get to that). There are "things" in this world that are really great! And Jesus is really great too. And how much better would those "things" in this world be if there was a Jesus version of them? Obviously the greatest EVER!!!!!

Unfortunately this logical thinking doesn't really play out. And you know what I mean. It's those cheesy Christian t-shirts, or those obnoxious bumper stickers, or those bad "end of the world" movies. Those things that make you frustrated your a believer.

And there is plenty of it.

Jesus told us to be LOVE in our culture, not to create a sub-culture that we easily love. Instead of promoting Jesus is a manner that really celebrates who He was and what He was about, we end up with what can probably only be called "Jesus Junk",

I think I'm going to start posting all the Jesus Junk I find. So today the question is; since 1000's of people love the WWE, what if there was a Pro Wresting League for believers?

Well here you go...

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