For the benefit of whoever wants to pay attention!

Students, Parents, and whoever else happens across the site. We will try and use this as our main source of communication. I'll post regularly advertising events, sharing previous lesson ideas, and basically opening up a channel of communication between us.
Feel free to post your responses and I'll be checking in at least once a day, Monday through Friday. And I won't promise anything during the weekend, but it's only two days long so don't panic.



♥Jordan said...

hey trevor can u email me the questions 4 our journal thing? cuz i know its like the oldest excuse ever but Jigi REALLY did eat it! lol! so now i can't read sum of the questions and i don't remember what they were. my email is agcrazygirl@hotmail.com or stuck_in_1985@hotmail.com thanx!
lots of luv,
♥ Jordan

TS Harrison said...

As you probably saw I posted the journal material as well as e-mailed it to you.
What are we going to do with that little pup of yours?